Holcomb Valley Run Feb. 11, 2017

This run is and always will be contingent on the weather.
Run Leaders: Rob & Karen Rien
(949) 351-9309 KM6GOT & KM6GOS

We will be heading Saturday morning and meeting at the trail head to Crab Flats at 8:00 am. Please RSVP to Rob at the phone or text him at number above or email him.

We will air down to 18 to 15 PSI for this run depending on the trail conditions, praying for lots of SNOW! Once we have aired down we will have a quick drivers meeting and talk about the trail conditions.

If you missed the January Run you missed a LOT of fresh Snow and BIG puddles. We are hoping for the same again, so please pray to the Snow Gods, and let's hope that the 6x's will not be up there this time either.

We will run the entire run but be taking breaks along the way. About half way through the run there is a by-pass to exist the valley into Fawnskin, so if your short on time you can get off the trail from there, a left at the hwy will take you back into Running Springs.

I am not planning on running any of the other trails in the area as this is more of a beginner run for Snow wheeling. So if you have never wheeled your Rig in the Snow come on up and give it a try, lots of fun, if you just want to get out and check out the snow and Holcomb Valley in winter, come along as well.

Bring a lunch, warm clothing, extra blankets are always a good idea too, and do not forget your water, just because it is cold outside and you're not walking you can still get dehydrated. Nobody wants that, so bring water, drink water.

Lastly once we get off the trail Karen and I have a tradition of heading to Big Bear Brewery, Your welcome to join us if you like, we usually just grab a bit then head home from there once we check the traffic.