Dishpan Springs clinic

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Dishpan Springs clinic

Postby Mel Nix » Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:02 pm

Those of this club who did not attend the Sunday Dishpan Springs how to clinic really missed out on an experience. No one rolled over or broke down or even had to be Winched! The Big Bear 4x4 leadership was great.
Now, I am happy to have made it down that Trail! This was my first time on Dishpan. A few others beside myself had that extreme pucker factor thrill. Most of the Jeeps were tall tired and had more than my 3 inch lift. These are two things I need to correct before I even try to climb back up. The bottom waterfall is a son of a gun.
I want to request from those out there that day a copy of any photos they might have of my black Rubicon Unlimited on the trail with then. Many thanks for this. Please send the pic's to
Thanks again Mel Nix KK6SMI

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